Sunday, October 1, 2017

The Best YOU (Weeks 39 -41)

Hello Everyone,

(Week 39)  This week went by really fast! Elder Li and I were able to attend the temple again this week, but this time with three of our recent converts Felix, Max and Jim. It was such a great experience to see them dressed in white in the temple and seeing them help those beyond the grave. Max was able to do ordinance work for a missionary's family in our zone, and it was an amazing experience.  I was able to help out with Confirmations again.  I was able to do it with Felix and Max and Jim, the spirit was so strong . It was just a great experience to see so many people change their lives and grow closer to God and make it to the temple of the Lord.

I also had lots of fun being a bouncer at the Royal Adelaide show this week. I was able to see a dog show which was pretty neat as well as some goats with really big horns and nice beards. ha ha :) I also saw pig racing and pig diving which was super funny to watch! The Royal Adelaide show was good and there were lots and lots of people there!

On Saturday I drove into the city with Elder Li and we saw a man trying to fix his car and so I felt that we should stop and help him.  Elder Li and I did and we were able to get his car started.  He thanked us because he was moving to Adelaide from Sydney.  He also said to feel free to have the missionaries contact him whenever, because we were nice people.   He is now a referral for other Elders in our mission :) Service is a great way to share the gospel.  It is one of the best ways to help others feel Christ's love through acts of charity, which can bring the spirit very strong into people's lives :) Elder Ardern of the South Pacific area presidency is doing a mission tour this week and we will have a special zone conference this week, which will be exciting. I also got a new name badge to go with Mandarin Lessons I am getting 3 times a week, yes I am still in Australia haha :) I will include a picture this week of it it is pretty cool ;) I hope you all have a great week and I Love You all!!!

(Week 40)
This week was very interesting and very busy! It went by very fast and Elder Li and I were working on building up our area. We were also able to hear from Elder Ardern from the Pacific Area presidency.  It was great to hear his insight and he taught a lot about how to make personal study more effective for all of us and it was really good insight. I have been able to apply it and make my studies a lot better for my mission and for my life. It was a multi zone conference and there were a lot of missionaries there.
Multi Zone Conference with Elder Ardern
Today I  went on a quick tour of the Haighs Chocolate factory which was very interesting! We were able to see how the chocolate was made and learn more about it.  They even let us taste some of the chocolate for free, which was really cool! We weren't allowed to take pictures of the tour, so no pictures to share, sorry about that! Although I do have a picture of the chocolate I bought. It's called Speckles and it's their most popular kind.  I'll have to say I think I know why!   We have just been busy getting ready for the final week of the transfers. I feel like it was just the end of the transfers last week, but it has gone super fast for sure. I hope you all have a great week and I love you all!  

(Week 41)I have a short update this week.  We had transfers yesterday and I will be....... staying!!!! Elder Li and I are both staying.  Actually everyone in my district is staying. They created a third district in the city, and  Elder Maddock (my previous companion and trainee) was called as district leader as well! I also went on exchanges this week with Elder Maddock.  It was great being able to work with him again and to see how much of a change he has made as a missionary, he will definitely be a great leader. This week Elder Li and I are just continuing to build up the area. We have two new baptismal dates to work with. Our district had 3 baptisms last week.  It was a great experience to be able to witness those baptisms as Felix our recent convert was able to baptize two of them. I'm glad to see his progression in the gospel and we are all so proud of him.

 Church was also very good this week. The focus was on being the best you. I believe one of the biggest pursuits in life is becoming the best of you. A lot of us tend to forget that becoming the best you is becoming who your Heavenly Father knows you can be. That means that we will all reach a certain point in our lives where we can not continue to progress. Where we can not become the best you, but that is OK. That is why our Loving Heavenly Father sent His son, Jesus Christ to suffer and sacrifice Himself, so that we can continue progressing and reach the best you. Through Jesus Christ we can hope to achieve perfection.  Only through Jesus Christ can we achieve perfection. A scripture that has quickly become my favorite scripture is Alma 7:11-12, I encourage you all to read it and ponder on the words. Ponder on why did Jesus Christ suffer and sacrifice His life for me?  If you do this Heavenly Father through the Holy Ghost will testify of the truth, which the prophet Alma had spoken.  Most importantly, He will help you feel the love that comes from Jesus Christ and His Atonement. May we all be able to access this power from Jesus Christ, that we can all together as brothers and sisters become the best we can, become who Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ know we can become. I love you all and I hope you all have a great week :)

               Elder Ethan Salcedo