Thursday, November 2, 2017

TRICK (Weeks 42-45)

Hello Everyone,

(Week 42)
This was a very good week! We were able to watch general conference which was a great blessing. I am interested in what your favorite talks were, please let me know :) My favorite was the talk by Elder Hallstrom on miracles. It was such a great message and a real eye opener to what miracles really are. I always knew there were little miracles and things.  He put it in the perspective that everything no matter how big or small, is a miracle, even truths of the gospel such as being a child of God is a miracle! I hope that we all can press forward and recognize and thank the Lord for all of the miracles that He has blessed us with, because they are a ton.  Another favorite was how to avoid spiritual eclipses in our life. Which was about how to grow our light to fight out the darkness in our life.  They were such great messages on how to protect ourselves spiritually and how to become the best you.

Our area is continuing to grow. I had to take Elder Li to the dentist for a root canal that he needed from a bike accident that he had his first transfer on the mission. He couldn't really talk or anything for that day, so that was interesting. They have also started digging the ground on a main road here in Adelaide, to put a tram extension in.  That construction has created a lot of traffic ha ha! But other than that it has been a busy week and I am excited to see what this week brings. I hope you all have a great week and I love You all !!!

(Week 43)
This week went by very fast! We were working very hard this week and we were very busy with lessons and lots of finding on the street. It is starting to get warmer over here.  I'm glad I am from Arizona because everyone else isn't used to the heat. I'm used to it, so it doesn't feel as bad to me ha ha! We ate at a new Mexican place called Guzman y Gomez. It opened up here in Adelaide and Elder Li and I ate there and I had beef, bean, and rice burrito. It was pretty good! It was the first time in a year since I have had Mexican food!

We had some baptisms in our zone and we were able to bring our investigators to the baptisms. It was great to be able to help them have these spiritual experiences.  The city of Adelaide has almost finished their tram extension.  This is great because the city has had a lot of traffic, so not a lot of happy people.  I finally oiled my chain on my bike.  Elder Li gave me some oil and said he needed to repent afterwards, because it allowed me to go even faster than I already was on the bike. Now I just smash it up the big hills and I don't feel tired because I can actually pedal now ha ha! I hope you all have a great week  and I love you all!!!

(Week 44)

This was a very busy week in the mission field! Elder Li and I are continuing to work hard to build our area. We were able to find a lot more people to teach, which is very exciting and has kept us very busy.  On Saturday we went out to eat with one of our investigators for their birthday at Dumpling King. His name is Owen and he just turned 18 which is super exciting. Our recent convert Felix came and a member named Summer made a cake.

We also had stake conference this week with a large focus on hastening the work on both sides of the veil! One of the talks that stood out to me was that we are 100% responsible. No matter what happens or who's fault it is we are still 100% responsible for our actions.  I believe taking this and applying it in our lives can help us stay more accountable as individuals. Another talk was about how to recognize the spirit versus or own thoughts.  The speaker said usually when you explain something you use this saying, he used the word TRICK as an acronym.

K-Knowledge of Heavenly Father's love for us
That is how we can better recognize the spirit because that is the Holy Spirits role.  These are things He will do to communicate and help us.In the city branch we had 9 brothers receive the Melchizedek priesthood, and I had the privilege to teach five of them before their baptism. It was so amazing to see how far they have progressed. To be able to see their progression and change is something truly special, that I will never forget.  I was able to do my first Melchizedek priesthood ordination for one of the recent converts Jim, which was a special and cool experience as well! That was my week, I hope you all have an amazing week and I Love You all!!! -- 

(Week 45)

I'll be honest I am not to sure where this week went it. It went by really fast. We were really busy this week with a lot of finding and different meetings to attend. We actually had zone conference this week.  We combined with another zone in our mission.  It was cool being apart of that because it has been a while since we have had one.  Church was also very good as well. Our recent convert Jim did his first confirmation and he did great! He was able to confirm two brand new members.  He sounded like he has done it many times before. It is great to see the progress that the recent converts of the branch are making. It truly is a testament that the Gospel of Jesus Christ really is the only thing that allows us to grow and become something. Everything else in the world teaches us knowledge and different things, but that Gospel of Jesus Christ challenges us to become something.

I apologize for not sending pictures. I have just been really busy and I haven't had too much time to take photos.  This will be the last week of the transfer and the last few days in the flat that I have lived in since I got here. The lease ran out so we will be moving to a new flat this week. Then we wait to see if we get transferred out or not ha ha!  This week will be very busy with moving and getting all of that taken care of! I hope you all have a great week and I love you all!!!

               Elder Ethan Salcedo