Sunday, July 8, 2018

Crazy Week (Weeks 73-75)


Well it has been a very busy week and I am not sure where to start ha ha! Lets see on Sunday it was Mother's day so we Skyped our family, which was pretty cool! On Monday we drove to Mildura and it was a 5 1/2 hour drive. It is all the way in Victoria and we left South Australia Borders, which was interesting! We then had zone conference up there and gave a training to the missionaries in Mildura which was pretty cool. We only stayed there for a night.  For dessert we had Banana cream pie and for everyone that knows me knows that I don't like fruits or vegetables, but I love me some Banana cream pie!  We drove back and I drove the whole way. That was the longest I have ever driven at once and it wasn't that bad actually ha ha! I saw a lot of Kangaroos on the way there and back and the interesting part was that they were all dead so that was unfortunate! But after that we had more new missionaries come in half way through the transfer. We got them their new companions and helped go through orientation. All but one came from the Asian continent, which is a first, but they are all great missionaries! On Thursday we had arrivers training again for the new missionaries, and that is always fun!  Friday we had another zone conference and it was the Marion/Modbury zone conference, it was  very good! On Saturday we went to the City branch meeting and after went to go help the sisters with the Ipads at Rundle Mall. Two men walked up to us and started to record us and tried to fight with us. I guess they were trying to get bad footage against us, but he ended up making himself look stupid.  We just didn't respond to him and it got him fired up.  That was really my first altercation my whole mission which is good, but these guys were crazy ha-ha! Then on Sunday we attended church which is always great to be able to go and partake of the Sacrament and remember the covenants we made with the Lord! Later that day we watched the broadcast that Elder Stevenson and President Ballard did in Sydney, to the people in the Pacific area. It was great to be able to watch! This morning we dropped off President and Sister Parker and Elder Pickett at the airport. They are traveling to the NT, the ticket prices are expensive for someone reason so Elder Miller and I get to stay here in Adelaide and get some things done! Overall it has been a very busy week but it was a good week none the less! I hope you all have a great week and I LOVE YOU ALL!!!
New Haircut
Flu shots


This week was very interesting and went by very fast!  We were able to have some time to look for investigators and we went to Flinders University to see if we could find anyone. The weather was fantastic, nice and cool!  One thing that took up a lot of time for us this week was planning a big activity for the city branch. We had to get it approved, we made flyers and coordinated with members. We also had to get the food. This activity will be happening tonight. We will be going down there to set up a few things and pick up the food for the event. We have also started transfer planning this week and we will be very busy planning for the next upcoming transfer which is exciting! Also this past week we went to many different missionaries flats around Adelaide and ministered and trained the different District and Zone Leaders to help them become better leaders.  That was very fun and productive! I also got a haircut and changed my hairstyle for like the first time in my life ha ha! I had the sides cut short and I use styling product to put my hair into a mohawk, not an extreme mohawk but one that blends in with the rest of my hair.  We will see how long it will last as my hair grows longer ha ha! Sister Parker also made us Shepherd's Pie and it was very delicious! We also attended church and Elder Chen gave his farewell talk today. It was sad, he will be leaving this Friday. It's crazy to think that he is headed home, but he will do great things in his life! I hope you all have a great week and I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

               Elder Ethan Salcedo

Lots of Training (Weeks 70-72)


It has been a very busy week this week! This week was transfer planning, it was very interesting because there wasn't much wonder as to where I was going because I know where everyone was going and who was having what responsibility. It was very interesting to be able to participate in that and to see revelation in action, that was very cool! We also attended two zone conferences this week, they were both combined.  We had City and Firle zones on Tuesday and Marion and Modbury on Friday. They both started around 9am and ended around 10:30pm, some long days.  It was great to be able to meet the missionaries and help them practice their skills! We also had Firle stake conference this week which was also cool.  Elder Likeus of the area seventy was there and he spoke on ministering, that seems to be a major topic recently. Which is obviously a sign from the Lord about how important this program is in building and sustaining the kingdom of God on the earth! We also had 12 brothers from the city branch be sustained for the Melchizedek priesthood today which was also great to be able to see their growth and progression in the gospel. I also learned that one of my recent converts Jim was called as the second counselor in the branch presidency in the Adelaide City Branch. That made me very happy to see the progression that he has made in the gospel as well! We then spent Sunday planning all the logistics for the week.  We have a lot of missionaries coming in about 19 of them, 14 come in this week the other 5 come in mid transfer!!! Crazy but it should be a fun week! I hope you all have a great week! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! 


Hey everyone this week was pretty crazy I must say! We had transfers and it was interesting because I knew where everyone was going. Monday we helped everyone move all of their stuff around so they can go with their new companions! On Tuesday we had meetings all day.  We had leadership training, my companions and I had to train the zone leaders, district leaders, and sister training leaders! That was fun to do and I am getting more and more used to training so many people at once which is good! After that training we had Sister training leader meeting. We had to counsel with the sister training leaders with ways to help the sister missionaries grow and continue to improve. It was interesting to be a part of! After those meetings were finally finished, the three of us were really tired! We went to bed about 12 the night before staying up with the the missionaries leaving as President interviewed them. Then woke up at 4am to say goodbye with President to the missionaries that left.  It was strange because some of the missionaries who I was with in the MTC left.  It was one of those moments you didn't think would happen so fast! We also picked up one of the new missionaries at the airport. But then we had to give all of those trainings and it was a long day, but it was a good day! T Wednesday we had all of the new missionaries arrive and we had to do our own mini interviews with all of the elders. There was about 11 elders which was crazy. The intake this transfer is 19 missionaries! We then had the new missionary dinner, which was some spaghetti and it was good! We then announced who their companions would be! We had a really great testimony meeting and it was very powerful and the spirit was there! Then on Thursday we had arrivers training and we had to train all of the new missionaries and that was most of that day!  Friday we met with the City branch and President Parker.  We ate at Jamie Oliver,  a fancy Italian Restaurant. Since we were all wearing suits everyone thought we were having a business meeting haha! It was good I had Crab Spaghetti it was very delicious! We then talked about the city branch and what we can do as missionaries to help it continue to grow, it was a great meeting! We then attended the city zone city meeting with President and talked about how to make the zone better!  Sunday we had church which is always great to be able to attend! After, Sister Parker made a pot roast which tasted and looked just like the one I always had on Sundays with my family, it was nice and tasted good :)   I hope you all have a great week!


Hey everyone how are you all doing? These weeks have been flying by I must say. I am trying to remember what happened this week ha ha! We had a lot more time to go looking for investigators in the city throughout the week, which is great to do :) On Tuesday we had MLC, which was fantastic. We were able to counsel as a mission leadership body on how we can continue to move the work forward and continue to help those under our stewardship.  On Saturday we picked up President and Sister Parker from the airport because they had a mission president seminar in New Zealand. When they got here, they bought us Krispy Kreme doughnuts ha ha! That same day was also Cinco De Mayo and we went to GYG and had some burritos. They were fantastic! I love my Mexican food!  Sunday we had a fireside that we attended. The talks and videos that were given were about recognizing the promptings of the spirit. We attended church and a lot of old faces were there and a lot of new faces.  There were lot of people, it was fantastic to see the growth! The main event this week was Friday when we had a tour of Flinders University. The area has just opened up for proselyting. We went on a tour to go and see possible spots to put displays and great places to proselyte.  It was really cool to be able to see the whole campus and to have missionaries proselyting there. Which is also a miracle in itself, how they let us in. I hope you have a great week and I LOVE YOU ALL!!!  

               Elder Ethan Salcedo