Sunday, February 11, 2018

Rain Rain (56-59)

1/14  Hey everyone how are you doing this week? This week flew by really fast up here in Darwin. We had the assistants and President and Sister Parker fly up today for zone conference which was super exciting to see them!  We had trade offs with the assistants and they lived in our flat for a couple of days which was very fun and learned lots from them as well! We had the zone conference on Friday ,which was super cool to learn and receive training from the Presidents assistants.  The big counsel we had from President, is to help the branch grow! Then on Sunday there was a big announcement from President. Since he is in charge of the district in the northern territory, he announced the split of the Darwin branch into two branches. We now have the Darwin branch and the Palmerston branch! That was very big news and he announced the presidency for the new branch.  The President of the new branch loves missionary work, so the branch  will be very missionary focused! They also announced a new District Presidency. It was all just exciting news and brought me back to memories of when our ward split a while back. I got to finish off the week with interviews with president which was also very exciting  :)  I hope you all have a great week and I love you all!!!
Picking up President Parker and his assistants for Zone Conf


Hello everyone, I hope you all have had a great week! It has been a busy week that has gone by very fast! We have been working with our investigator, Ricky.  He came to church and is excited for his baptism this Saturday, so please keep him in his prayers! He has been fighting addition and we had the opportunity to fast with him yesterday, so that he could receive that spiritual strength! It was such a great opportunity to be apart of.  We broke the fast together and we made some Honey Mustard beef with rice and took it to his house!  A member gave Ricky a kitten for free and we have been able to see the kitten every time we go over.  We have been teaching him everyday.  He has a dog that goes crazy every time she sees us and we always leave with muddy paw printed shirts ha-ha! We also had a member referral yesterday which was a member's brother and his girlfriend.  They have a desire to quit their addictions and be baptized. We will work with them to be able to prepare them for that!

 We also went to the hospital yesterday to give a blessing to a member from Katherine.  That was a neat experience to be able to do that :) We also had a meal appointment with some members this week which was nice. It was only my 4th or 5th one on my mission ha-ha! We also got pretty soaked this weekend and my pants looked like spandex from all the rain that it soaked up ha-ha!  I got a really nice soccer jersey on P-day for my Birthday. Unfortunately, it is from a team that I am not a big fan of, but the jersey is really nice. I will send pictures! I hope you all have a great week and I love you all!!!  

1/28   Hello everyone I hope you all have had a great week! We just had transfers and both I and Elder Dickson are still here in Nightcliff.  We are finishing the training of a missionary in our zone Elder Fiu from Brisbane! It should be a great transfer here in Darwin! It has been raining mad hard non stop for the whole week and will be for like that the whole next month! The thunder and lightning are crazy especially at night! Two days ago we had like 10 inches of rain in one day! It has been different for sure ha-ha! But other than that just have been doing a lot of teaching and finding more people to teach! 

We had two meal appointments on Saturday which was pretty crazy.   I actually have never had that happen before ha-ha! We ate with the Brons family who I have been over before.  They absolutely love the missionaries. We also ate with the Hazlet family who just came back from traveling for the holidays.  They are both awesome! It was also great because it was my birthday on Saturday, so I guess in a way it was a great birthday gift! I can not believe that I am 20 years old that is pretty crazy! I mean honestly it's  just like any other year. I feel the same, but it is weird to think that I am 20!  I hope you all have a great week this week and I love you all!!!

We all have birthday's in January

2/4   This week went by really fast for me and that is because it has been jammed packed with meetings! We had MLC this week , leadership training, and combined district meeting this week. On top of that we made a very long  road trip! The elders who serve in Katherine were up here in Darwin because one of the elders was transferred.  Elder Justin who came with the Elder who was transferred needed to get back to Katherine.  The problem was that no one could drive because their licenses aren't valid and the bus that drives people down canceled all tickets for the week because of flooding on the road. They had no way to get back to Kathrine and it is a 3 hour drive from Darwin. So we made a big drive all the way down to Katherine to be able to get them to Katherine in time for the baptism!

 After leadership meeting I drove a car full of elders down to Katherine for 3 hours in a storm with slippery roads and big vehicles that splash water all over the place and I must say it was a fun drive ha-ha! I got to drive fast because it was the highway, but it was fun driving in those conditions and was an interesting drive! Katherine was cool.  I was with  Elder Fiu while Elder Dickson went to do the baptism interviews and we just contacted in the small town.  The town is mostly aboriginals. There were interesting conversations to say the least! Some even asked us for money and we gave them pass along cards instead! Some also asked us to pray for them, and we did. We stayed the night then drove back to Darwin the next morning and had district meeting. It was a very busy week. The funny thing is that I am driving back down to Katherine this week again for tradeoffs. But other than that working in a trio is pretty fun and an interesting experience.  Elder Fiu is a great missionary and it is fun being able help to finish his training! I hope you all have great week and I love you all!!!

               Elder Ethan Salcedo

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Jetty (Week 54-55)

 Hello Everyone,

54 (1/1) Happy New Year!!!! I hope you all had a happy New Year! It was a very busy week. The holidays are finally finished. I now have been transitioning and helping everyone in the zone get back to focusing 100% on the work. It's great to get back into the work.  The missionaries up here in Darwin are fantastic!  On Friday we had MLC or missionary leadership council. It was the first one I have attended, and we were able to talk about the mission's vision and focus for the new year.  We were able to set yearly goals for the mission and the individual zones, which is exciting to be apart of. It is the wet season here and it has been raining quite a bit, but not as much as it is supposed to.

Yesterday, Elder Dickson and I went to the Jetty to go find people, Jetty is the local Pier for fishing in Northern Australia. We went to the Nightcliff, Jetty and heaps of people were fishing and catching sharks!  The tide was really high up because a monsoon was off in the horizon just absorbing all the water vapor. Luckily it passed by, but I guess there are Cyclones that start to form at this time of year.  Fortunately, for Darwin there are two islands off the coast that usually take the hit and blows from the Cyclones. It has been very good here and this next week will be great and most importantly this new year will be great! New years are great because they allow us to reflect. I invite everyone to reflect on 2017 and to create goals to become more like our Savior Jesus Christ this year. I promise you that as you do this, not only will you become a better person, but you will truly come to know Jesus Christ, as you do your best to become more like Him. I hope you all have a great week.  I love you all and Happy New Year!!!

Nightcliff Jetty  Darwin

 55(1/7) This week went by really fast, it felt like I just had emailed ha-ha!  Last week I had to do a baptism interview for a man named Josh. It has been a really great experience to be able to see him make really big changes in his life. He is a great son of God! He bikes to church every Sunday even though it is hot and rainy here, he is just great. The Monsoon has started up here in Darwin, yesterday there was a big monsoon which was crazy! There was heaps of rain it sounded like a waterfall next to the window where my bed was ha-ha! 
This week we have been teaching an investigator Ricki who plans to get baptized and has been progressing a lot. He has a nice dog that has so much energy.  Every time we go over she runs around and jumps heaps.  I always get mud on me from it and the dog likes to have her belly rubbed ha-ha! We also met a new family from Liberia who are members.  They are such a great family. They have been through lots of challenges in their life.  I have been able to connect with their son, as we both love to play soccer, which is great and able to help him get new friends. Not too much else happened this week, but I hope you all have a great week and I Love You all!



               Elder Ethan Salcedo